svn move — Move a file or directory.


svn move SRC... DST


This command moves files or directories in your working copy or in the repository.

[Tip] Tip

This command is equivalent to an svn copy followed by svn delete.

When moving multiple sources, they will be added as children of DST, which must be a directory.

[Note] Note

Subversion does not support moving between working copies and URLs. In addition, you can only move files within a single repository—Subversion does not support cross-repository moving. Subversion supports the following types of moves within a single repository:


Move and schedule a file or directory for addition (with history).


Complete server-side rename.

Alternate names

mv, rename, ren


Working copy; repository if operating on a URL

Accesses repository

Only if operating on a URL


--editor-cmd CMD
--encoding ENC
--file (-F) FILENAME
--message (-m) MESSAGE
--quiet (-q)
--revision (-r) REV
--with-revprop ARG


Move a file in your working copy:

$ svn move foo.c bar.c
A         bar.c
D         foo.c

Move several files in your working copy into a subdirectory:

$ svn move baz.c bat.c qux.c src
A         src/baz.c
D         baz.c
A         src/bat.c
D         bat.c
A         src/qux.c
D         qux.c

Move a file in the repository (this is an immediate commit, so it requires a commit message):

$ svn move -m "Move a file" \

Committed revision 27.