svn mkdir — Create a new directory under version control.


svn mkdir PATH...
svn mkdir URL...


Create a directory with a name given by the final component of the PATH or URL. A directory specified by a working copy PATH is scheduled for addition in the working copy. A directory specified by a URL is created in the repository via an immediate commit. Multiple directory URLs are committed atomically. In both cases, all the intermediate directories must already exist unless the --parents option is used.

Alternate names



Working copy; repository if operating on a URL

Accesses repository

Only if operating on a URL


--editor-cmd CMD
--encoding ENC
--file (-F) FILENAME
--message (-m) MESSAGE
--quiet (-q)
--with-revprop ARG


Create a directory in your working copy:

$ svn mkdir newdir
A         newdir

Create one in the repository (this is an instant commit, so a log message is required):

$ svn mkdir -m "Making a new dir."

Committed revision 26.