svndumpfilter is a command-line utility for removing history from a Subversion dump file by either excluding or including paths beginning with one or more named prefixes. For details, see the section called “svndumpfilter”.

svndumpfilter Options

Options in svndumpfilter are global, just as they are in svn and svnadmin:


If filtering causes any revision to be empty (i.e., causes no change to the repository), removes these revisions from the final dump file.


Renumbers revisions that remain after filtering.


Skips merge sources that have been removed as part of the filtering. Without this option, svndumpfilter will exit with an error if the merge source for a retained path is removed by filtering.


If all nodes in a revision are removed by filtering and --drop-empty-revs is not passed, the default behavior of svndumpfilter is to remove all revision properties except for the date and the log message (which will merely indicate that the revision is empty). Passing this option will preserve existing revision properties (which may or may not make sense since the related content is no longer present in the dump file).


Does not display filtering statistics.

svndumpfilter Subcommands

Here are the various subcommands for the svndumpfilter program.